Thursday, 3 May 2007

Kings of Fairing

Superstructure of a yacht Abeking & Rasmussen GmbH by NCG

Stern with integrated stairway of a luxuary yacht De Vries Scheepsbouw by NCG

Yesterday I visited Numeriek Centrum Groningen (NCG) which develops and markets the successful NUPAS-CADMATIC 3D software solution for the international shipbuilding industry. In addition, the company renders services to shipyards and engineering offices in the form of hull shape fairing, complex surface modeling and shell plate development.

What has Rhinoceros to do with that? Well they use Rhino more and more to import all kinds of file formats delivered by designers and shipyards and convert them properly to import as IGES in their specialistic fairing software called NAPA. These experts in fairing do excellent jobs as you can see in the pictures.
Their workflow is as follows:

  • Import surfaces or curves in NAPA often by using Rhino
  • Create an exact 3d model with extreme quality of fairing with NAPA
  • Present details and pictures of the model with Rhino for evaluation purpose.

My impression of NAPA was that it is specialistic software with an older generation user interface and Rhino complements its lack of presentation tools. The 3d IGES model of the hull and superstructure from NAPA is the basis for engineering with NUPAS software and Rhino IGES models can also be imported in NUPAS.
As Rhino is capable to produce high quality fair surfaces itself, designers should be able to design completely with Rhino and export to NUPAS for engineering.

See for more information:

Consult NCG for challenging fairing issues or more information about NUPAS.