Thursday, 10 May 2007


First sketch

3d model in Rhino

This morning someone phoned me up and wanted to know more about the applicability of Rhino in the marine industry. Why should you chose for Rhino?

For me it was a few years ago a surprise to find a design tool which made it possible to design instead of handling a computer program. Rhinoceros was able to follow instantly the fantasy in my mind and showed the result directly in 3d on the screen. Wow, I had never experienced that before!

That enthusiasm was my drive to find solutions in Rhino for every need I had whether it was design, engineering or the production of my ideas. In Rhino 3.0 it used to be a challenge to make 2d drawings and it is a strange feeling to remember that I had to make a difficult offset of a freeform surface in Rhino 2.0 which is a press on the button nowadays.

Please ask yourself if you look for limitations when you consider Rhino or do you think in opportunities? One advantage of using Rhino is the opportunity to contact developers directly with your needs and be able to influence the development of Rhino directly! Another opportunity is to innovate your design and production processes and make them more efficient!

Time for Action:
One last comment is that a lot of people, myself included, often think in 'or' instead of 'and'. Maybe Rhinoceros can be complementary to your existing design or production process including the software you use. Please tell me if you think Rhino is too expensive for that.