Friday 11 April 2008

Guest editor: Gijs de Zwart

Gijs de Zwart is a landmark as it comes to Rhino visualisation, therefore I am very proud to announce that he will be guest editor at this blog. Furthermore he will co-operate with the RhinoCentre as a visualisation specialist offering several services.

For more info about the Studio Quality Rendering Tutorial, click on the picture
Most people know Gijs from his Studio Quality Rendering Tutorial for Flamingo he made a few years ago. Since then he developed himself into rendering with V-Ray for Rhino and has a good relation with ASGVIS as a beta tester. ASGVIS is the company behind V-Ray for Rhino.

V-Ray image by Gijs de Zwart
Being a specialist in visualisation he will share some of his experiences and knowledge at this blog. Furthermore he will offer visualisation class training at RhinoCentre in the near future.
Please take a look at his company website, StudioGijs, if you like to know more about his competences.
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