Monday 26 September 2011

10 Years of Rhino in Ship and Yacht Design

For a Dutch Magazine called SWZ Maritime, I wrote this article in Dutch about 10 years of Rhino software in ship and yacht design.
Published with the permission of SWZ Maritime.

Monday 12 September 2011

Bridge Design with Grasshopper for Rhino

Royal Haskoning bridge design

The Westzanerpolderbrug in Zaanstad in the Netherlands was designed by Royal Haskoning a few years ago. When I offered a Rhino training to Royal Haskoning Architects, I developed a Grasshopper script which is roughly based on this design. With this script I showed the flexibility and power of Grasshopper in bridge design. The time to script this bridge was approximately six hours.


Try out yourself by downloading the zip file containing both the Rhino model and the Grasshopper script. The Rhinomodel includes the handrail post curve. 


Demonstration movie of the Bridge script