Monday 28 December 2009

Rhino sectioning & lines plan drawings

Sections in Rhino3d are used for:
  • Analysis purposes of fairness and shape of 3d geometry
  • 2d drafting and export to for example AutoCAD
  • Lines plan drawings
Sections and lines drawings can be made with:
  • Rhino3d techniques (contour, section etc.)  
  • Orca3d plug-in sectioning and lines drawing feature  
  • ArchCut plug-in (free) 
  • Grasshopper plug-in visual script tool (free)
  • Download the Ship Hull Rhino3d file used in the demo video

Creating sections and lines plan drawings fast and accurate is very simple with Rhino. Commands like section and contour are mostly used.
In order to create automatic updates of sections and 2d drawings the free ArchCut plug-in does a wonderful job.

Orca3d plug-in for naval architects is the most convenient solution and also offers hydrostatics, stability and power and speed prediction features.

Visual scripting with Grasshopper plug-in is a new and very powerful tool to make Rhino more clever with scripts.

Download a free ship hull script which also generates sections automatically and see a video tutorial.