Saturday, 5 December 2009

Grasshopper Parametric Ship Hull Modeling

Parametric hull modeling for concept design requires a flexible and versatile approach. Therefore we are very proud to publish a new way to model ship hulls with a free open source Grasshopper script.
The script we publish over here enables you to model a bulbous bow pram type hull with a press of a button. Other ship types are also possible when you dive into the script and modify it to your needs. Extra functionality can also be added by expanding the script with your creativity. At the moment an automated volume displacement and centre of buoyancy calculation and a real time lines plan is included.

This script is the result of a collaboration of the following people from their respective companies and organisations:
  • Bas Goris, GustoMSC, started the quest for Rhino hull modeling methods
  • Phil Shapiro, Cadlantique, presented the loose loft 3d curve technique
  • Bart van Oers, TU Delft, put this Rapid Hull Modeling methodology in Rhino Script
  • Julien le Rouzic, GustoMSC, converted the Rhino Script into a Grasshopper Script
  • Gerard Petersen, RhinoCentre, added real time lines plan and displacement functionality

For us it is important that you share your experiences, changes and additions to the script. So please send them to us and we can learn from you!