Monday 12 October 2015

Powerful Ship Hull Design in Rhino with Rapid Hull Modeling Methodology

This is a powerful way to design and generate any vessel hull in Rhino3d, by creating a few master curves which describe the stem, stern, mainframe etc. This methodology is applicable to ships, yachts, boats, workboats and multi hulls.
As the input curves are the DNA of the resulting shape, you can exchanges curves for other curves to make variations of the shape. This is a very important feature to manage your hull design well. Furthermore it is always possible to fair the hull surface later with direct control point manipulation.

  • Easy to the edit shape and size later by using the ‘record history’ feature 
  • Systematic variations possible by exchanging input curves
  • Fair single surface hull 
  • Fast generation of new concepts 
  • High quality bulbous bow and parallel midship section 
  • Free
  • Posibility to parametrize the design with scripts
    • Singularities are possible when two or more control points of the surface are at the same position
    • More difficult to use than Orca3d for sailboat, planing hull and ship without bulbous bow