Tuesday 13 June 2017

Rhino Solution for Den Breejen

Early 2017, Den Breejen Shipyard asked RhinoCentre for a Rhinoceros solution. The idea was to kickstart the integration of Rhino 3D in early ship design and presentation. Another objective is to use the exterior surfaces for engineering in Nupas software. Possible future applications are hull modeling and fairing and using Scan&Solve for strength analysis of details.
Our solution was:
  1. Supplying only necessary software:
    1. Rhinoceros for modeling.
    2. Flamingo for rendering.
  2. Modeling and visualizing a new design of a passenger vessel.
  3. Hand over the 3D model and lighting setup.
  4. Offering Rhino Level 1 training.
As Den Breejen already uses AutoCAD and Nupas for engineering the structure of the hull, Rhino is an efficient intermediate between the 2D general arrangement plan and detailed engineering with Nupas. The idea is that Rhino is used to model 3D designs of the exterior and parts of interior like a staircase, or a guest cabin.
The designs can be presented to the client with Flamingo renderings. Exterior surfaces of the hull and superstructure can be exported to Nupas for further engineering of the ship structure.

In order to kickstart the modeling and visualization, RhinoCentre modeled a new design of a passenger vessel. This was based on an existing rough 3D hull, a 2D general arrangement plan and 3D Nupas model of a previous design.
Advantages for Den Breejen of doing this job for them were:
  • Giving an example of the level of detail of the 3D model for an attractive visualization.
  • Modeling several library objects for future projects like: wheel house, radar masts, deck furniture etc.
  • Show a practical example of model management and layer set up.
  • Setting up attractive lighting and materials for Flamingo rendering.
  • Providing some renderings that can be shown to the client.
After the Level 1 training, which was offered to four Den Breejen employees, the 3D model of the passenger vessel was handed over and tested on a computer of Den Breejen in order to check a proper setup. This proved to be successful.

Are you interested in a tailor made solution?
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To complete this post, we were told that two Den Breejen employees modeled a new design of a passenger ship themselves in a time span of three weeks. This 3D model contained even more details than the vessel that we modeled for Den Breejen Shipyard.  

Monday 15 May 2017

Unity for Dockwise Float-on Operation

RhinoCentre supported the Dockwise engineering team in creating a Unity 'Interactive Environment' to visualize the float-on operation of the Moho Nord FPU 'Likouf' onto the Vanguard heavy lift vessel.

For this, 3D models of both the Vanguard and the FPU were prepared in Rhino and then exported to the Unity Game Editor.

As the transport is done safe and successful, we are happy to be able to share our small contribution to this unique achievement of Dockwise.

The Unity Virtual Environment, enabled Dockwise to install it on any laptop in order to discuss and present several hotspots of the operation. This means that anyone can navigate in the 3D environment shown in the demonstration below.

An important notice is that the movie below shows an initial design of the operation that lead to the final design of the operation. As you can see in the Boskalis Dockwise movie at the top of this post, the final casing positions were different for example.

Read more about the transport in this Boskalis' article.

Thank you Boskalis - Dockwise for the opportunity to collaborate in this project and also being able to share our efforts in this blog post.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Ship Hull from a Linesplan with Rhino

Rhino hull surface overlay on real vessel

A common demand in the maritime industry is to create a fair 3D vessel hull shape from an existing linesplan. For that reason, RhinoCentre developed a method to do this in Rhino. 
This article explains the method developed by RhinoCentre.