Friday, 2 May 2008

Vray for Rhino SR1 out soon

V-Ray for Rhino, being developed by ASGVis, is one of the integrated rendering solutions available today. The upcoming service release for Rhino 4 is an important step forward in terms of productivity. A lot of bugs from the 1.00 version are ironed out, gamma correction is much easier to work with and last but not least, distributed rendering is now very easy to setup and use. Furthermore, SR1 will include support for IES lights. SR1 will now search sub folders automatically in case of missing maps. This will make the process of sharing scenes and materials a lot easier.

SR1 will have a new licensing system with a license server. This makes V-Ray more usable in larger studio's, since licenses can be shared and administered from a single location.

By the end of this year V-Ray for Rhino will adapt more of the features that are currently available in the 3dsmax version of V-Ray. There will be toon rendering, ambient occlusion and progressive real time rendering preview, which will aid in setting up a final rendering without having to make numerous test renderings.
In terms of interconnectivity, there is more to look forward to. Especially large studio's will benefit from material and scene exchange between packages. ASGVis's material format .vismat and V-Ray's .vrmesh will make it possible to let (parts of) scenes be created in Rhino and be rendered in 3dsmax or vice versa!