Friday, 9 May 2008

Rhino System Requirements

The first IBM PC
What's a reasonable workstation to run Rhino on? How can I get the most bang for the buck?
These are all valid questions and hard to answer. Not only because the world is changing fast when it comes to computer hardware. Another important factor is whether you use Rhino mainly for modeling or also for advanced rendering?
SimplyRhino, my English Rhino reseller colleague, offers a nice service to their customers.
At the moment I am very happy with a Dell Precision Laptop with 17" WUXGA screen. Together with Windows XP and a NVidia Quadro graphics card it runs Rhino very well. With a docking station and extra 24" screen I use it as my desktop too.
No Vista for me as it consumes a lot of computer resources which are now available for Rhino!
Dutch Rhino users can order Dell computers with a discount via RhinoCentre.