Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Rhino Math; a little secret

For those interesting in geometry based on mathematics, this little plug in does the job.
Jess Maertterer developed it years ago and fortunately he shares it for free via his website.

Architectural application of this plug in is very interesting as several Universities have shown nice examples of geometry created with Rhino Math.

With this plug in you can create curves and surfaces based on mathematics, like x ^ y and x + y, but also Sin/Cos and Tan are covered. Furthermore the plug in offers a library with basic examples.

Download the plug in over here: http://www.rhino3.de/_develop/__v3_plugins/math/

For me it was a splendid solution to create hyperbolic golden ratio vortexes for my Schauberger research. This resulted in a design of a flying saucer based on cold fusion physics.

Ifo - identified flying object